Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Did I find my way back home??

Ok..ok.. now don’t give me that kind of look which reads *How come did ya find your way back to home young lady? Gosh!! We thought that you have lost your way while coming back from Pluto!!*

I know... I know I was away from my blog and all you lovely readers since long. And this is one thing that I hate to the core. Apart from losing all the lovely blog readers of mine I was also worried about the health of my cute fishes. :P Did you guys feed them if by any chance you happen to be here during my long absence??

So! How are you all?? Did you guys miss me?? Trust me I miss reading all your blogs as much as I miss writing on my blog. But my life here's kinda jinxed. First of all this stupid net connection of mine. It’s not working at all and that too since such a long time. It’s been ages that my net is not working but every time I make a complain they say the same thing “M'am! there’s no problem with the connection. It’s working absolutely fine.” Does that mean I find it amusing to call them up to complain? :/ Please give me a break!! let me tell you BSNL customer care sucks and so does the connection and seriously I have lot many better ways to amuse myself rather than calling you stupid bunch of people to make fake complains.

Now comes the issue about my health. God!! I have been keeping unwell for such a long time that even I have lost the track of it. When did I fall sick?... I don’t remember and when will I recover completely?... I simply don’t have the slightest of idea. And top of that all these check-ups, tests and medicines are making me more SICK!!!

But the good news is that I am going to Bangalore. Yip yip yippieeeee. Looking forward to spend some quality time there in with my family. The thought of *i do not have to suffer in this yucky Kolkata heat* is giving me a feeling of bliss even if my stay in Bangalore is meant for few days only. :D

I earnestly hope that once I am back I would be able to blog again. But guess what I simply have to disconnect my net connection if this problem persists. Oh! No! The thought itself is so scary. It’s like a punishment to be away from my blog. Even the yucky summer season in Kolkata is better than this horrible punishment.

So with my fingers crossed and on happy note I bid-adieu for now. I will be back soon.*Hopefully*

Till then do take care and keep spreading love and peace through your writings. And first thing first *Don't forget to feed my fishes!!!* :D

I love you all.