Saturday, February 27, 2010

let this HOLI brings colours of joy in life
         HAPPY   HOLI

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


 I m mother – in –law
Ya ya
Yesterday  my big brother –in –law ( my father- in –law’s  elder brother’s elder son) ‘s son married a girl .he is 18 and the girl is 16.they married in temple and then shocked us we have a big family .all living in neighbourhood .so, he was on the door step of our house and we were in the situation of ‘WHAT TO DO?’if we allowed him to enter house there would be a situation of us being supporters…… and also we can’t allow him to stand out side at gate. We informed his  family .AND THEN drama begun.
Girls family didn’t know and there were chances of them to complain in police and also she is not adult and more over she was absconding from 2 days.oh!my god !the situation was tense and now  full chaos is going in my in laws  house every body is here .she won’t return to her family,there is a F.I.R  he won’t give her up , he has no income source, they are immature .so WHAT TO DO ?every one is THINKING THINKING AND THINKING and from morning I made 215 cups of tea  BREAK FAST  for 28, lunch for 42 people and snacks  added. and  they are still  thinking .and I m also thinking  of an  easy solution for them and myself TOO. And in the mean time the love birds are having  good time with each other , though I  pray for them but  STILL….. I feel like shouting at them like a typical MOTHER –IN – LAW.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


A family with two sisters , three brothers, mom and dad  came  to  a city.
 faced with lot of difficulties food , house  but they were tied up with a bond of love .slowly  with time they  adjusted in this big world sisters got married brothers got jobs . busy in their worlds connected with  phones but their love remain the same .
So when the middle brother was posted to city after 35 years he was over joyed. This time he was given a big quarter with 4 bedrooms big varanda .  He had become a big officer but his daughter who lives  in the city didn’t liked the position of his quarter . it was two  stop before   KATAPUKUR .his elder sister was happy for him and was eager to see his respected status So he had planned every thing for their meeting.BUT
Accidently she got burned  while cooking. she had 40% burnt in her hands and chest .  brothers rushed to hospital.chances were 50-50.While she was coping with medical aides in hospital her middle brother caught chicken pox .He had rashes all over his body with high fever..He was restricted to bedwith 21 days of leave . He was confined in a room to avoid any further infections to people around him   In hospital.his  she succumbed to her injuries .She wished to see her brothers once more CONFINED . in ROOM her brother was shattered that he  would never see her again he was bursting in pain that he would not be able to pay her last homage,  BUT
she was to be sent for post mortem in KATAPUKUR
her van stopped before his house ,
he was unable to go to hospital but she came  to his house  to meet him


She is my aunt whom I lost few days back and he is my father who loved his sister so much  that even after her  death she couldn’t go without saying him  GOODBYE
may her soul rest in peace

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


ME and my MAID..........and MARRIAGES

It is February
The marriage season is on.and if it is a neighbour you are a must in the guest list and again…. if it is a love marriage than there is a hush hush gossip too.
My neighbour’s son lives in London and he is getting married this month . A Love Marriage so there are lot of winky eyes and smiles all around our locality.
So , when my maid said,” boudi (sister – in –law), do you know this is a love marriage !”
I said “ ya , why ?”
Maid: ‘ what do you like LOVE or ARRANGE marriage”
I : “ why?”
She smiled and said “nothing , just telling I heard there was lot of fight regarding this marriage….. you know? the father was against this marriage”
I said ‘ hmm… ya I know, so what now its okay.”
Maid: “ what okay? You shouldn’t go against your family.”
I : whats you bothering for!
Maid : “no just that the love marriages don’t work out”
I said teasing : “you know more ?”
Maid (hushing): “after marriage they- the men just change, there is no love then depression fighting blaming is left”
I : “ so? what so different from arrange marriage?.....hmm?”
Maid : “ its only that it is more depressing, you love a guy marry him and after marriage he changes into those regular husband type .busy and dominating.”
Me : ‘ so what is different in arrange marriages guys? Aren’t they like - husband type… so?... what is the problem?”
Maid : “ NO …NO you don’t understand, in arrange marriage Parents decide every thing…. So… . you can blame your parents for every thing you dislike and….. you are relieved …..BUT in love marriage…… you blame your self every single day if it doesn’t work out and … more….you have to solve it yourself only NO COMPLAINS.
I laughed
and said: “ only blaming part is different then ,both the ways you are going to repent….. ha ha ha …. isn’t it?
Maid: ‘fighting with your parents for all these pain is amusing”
I: “ Then why do we marry?”
Maid: “Because you can not go OUT hunting daily?”
I : “ WHAT????..!!!!!!!!!..”
Maid : “ you asked the question!!!!”

She made me laugh and think whole day .
Whether I like the custom of arrange marriage or love marriage…….
.All I can think……THINGS I like about marriages…….(emotions apart)…. is the GOOD FOOD they serve in the weddings.

N.B: love and marry .Eat the delhi ka laddu (marriage ) to feel sweetness yourself.
I Love you.