Monday, February 13, 2012

The interesting thing about sadness is that the ending is always humorous. You are sad, very very sad and you want to run, shout and cry. You need a shoulder to hold you and friends, and family are always with you in this time .you start telling them your story. One by one you speak your heart out and the more you have friends the more you speak and you speak ,speak and speak then at some point of time you actually feel that you are no longer sharing your grieves but Gossiping.
All your sorrows are gone but you can’t stop r because few friends are late as ever. they are the most success full ones who were very busy and you can’t stop bleeding as their ointment have not reached you yet. so you start once again …until now your friends, relatives ,neighbors  have piled handkerchiefs in front of you and suddenly you start noticing few of them are perfumed . Now you are more alarmed and concerned about THE HANKIES and SPECIALLY T the  perfumed hankies .your sadness has gone into the closet and you are more worried .
Now you are addicted to its pleasure .you are famous. Your sad story is a hit and it’s giving you all the attention you needed but  you want to quit .QUIT ?how  the people around you won’t let you close their new entertainment channel .the updates are more fascinating than any other reality show  .
the moment you want to change the topic you hear  -“ very good your coped with your sorrows so quick’ Q U I C K .and you start thinking am I hasting things much. Maybe I should remain in sorrow for few more days .may be …..And the scenario goes on and on and now your position is pathetic, foolish HUMOROUS but not SAD                   

Thursday, January 19, 2012

some times i feel life is so lonely, you have every one but still u have no one indeed.Today i was beaten by my mother in law . this small line creates so many questions,why?what have u done? why telling us why ?do u feel it can happen one way only? what did u do? ....................................every question can be answered but can anyone realize my pain and can my giving them explanations can bring me peace.i tried .but now i feel i am humiliating myself more and more with these.i have 40 friends in facebook who are reading my story but can they feel my pain .if not ?why ?
that is why we should spread happiness and a friend in happiness are always friends.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE......................................... WHAT CAN WE DO TO STOP IT  ?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello friends 
     After 272 days of confinement in bed finally I am back with you.Introducing my baby girl to you .

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hi ! Frainds,
                  I am very sick. Pray for me so that I can meet all you very soon. Love you all.

Monday, November 15, 2010

pillow talk

once  I asked my husband "can you make me laugh on serious issue".he said try me
I asked him ,"how are you so sure  that you don't have AIDS"
he replied "hmmmmmmm.......mmmm......i have never given blood, ......i request others  for flying kisses and i had sex .. ....i had sex????...mmm...centuries back"
he teased me so to take my revenge i asked back "how you sure i don't have any"
he said "I think you are not so dumb to do without.. precautions"
that night i really laughed .

Sunday, November 7, 2010

jor ka jhatka hai jhoron se laga!!!!!!!

It all happened when my dear husband returned from his promotion party .He was very excited that he is now among the  top 2 offficial of the company and the boss Mr Y is completly  new ,so...he is """THE.."""".... ....he was flying high and then his phone rang .....jor ka jhatka hai joron se laga.............his..... ring tone.....which he has newly set to tease me.
hello  sir  i am X from your previous company .
sir i  was worker  on the machine 95
ya ...ya
sir how are you
fine ...(very proudly) is your factory ?
well  it is the same .workers are always  the same.promotions are for management emplyoee.
well ..ya so?how did....................(why did he call?how did he got my number?)
sorry sir if i offended you HAPPY DIWALI  .my kiddo  brother just got  job in your company .please take care him sir.
ok  ......HAPPY DIWALI.....hmm .nice ...very nice .what is his name ....(hmm new recruit and asking for favours .god ! worker 's brother  also need favors good)
sir Mr Y
the top most official MMMrY. .......(my BOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSS)
sir what !he is just a kiddo what he knows against your experience......blah  .....blah ....blah
(not heard a single word ......after....)

Monday, October 11, 2010



My friend

From the very small age we taught the lesion of loving and giving but very few believe in this and gems only do it.

It came to my mind only when I was teaching my students the chapter of moral science and insisted them for loving and giving .I asked one of my student about her aim .she replied “I want to be a Doctor”. then I started my philosophy of GIVING AND LOVING.

“beta when you come a Doctor please take care of poor patients .don’t charge them as many of them in India barely gets to eat .how will they buy medicines and how will they pay your fees .if I were a doctor I would have spare them of my fees learn to give others”

Suddenly I saw their eyes frowning at me .as if they were telling “are you teaching free?”

Are ghoda gass se dosti karega to khaye kya means if horse and grass are friends then what will he eat?

But it remained in my mind and I wanted to do some charity. I wanted to become a good person. So I started my being good journey.

I went to famous kali temple in Kolkata with some chillers {coins}.and after Prayer in temple I started distributing them among poor kids playing around .suddenly from no where there were hundreds of them running toward me and I was getting empty with coins .then I heard a voice among “hey these are 1 rupee coins only how cheap”

I was surprised and frightened and run from that place before they took any action against my charity .

So now I made my mind to begin charity at home

My old maid left and now I have new maid and new canvas for my ambitions to paint.

I gave my new maid her salary in advance.then

She asked me for more money for her expenses.then,

She asked me to lend her more money ,…………then

She asked for my old clothes ………………….then

She asked for my son’s old clothes ……………then

She asked for lunch………………………………then

She asked me for puja bonus………………….and now

She asking for salary increment ……………. All these in one month .

Yes, now joy of giving is faded away and now I thinking better plans to keep everything in place and stop her asking more before my husband find out my foolish deeds .may be I am not born for charity or I need a guidance .


I only love ,love and love but don’t try to give unless other person is in great need.

p.s : my experiences may be weirdo but I truly believe you all should give charity .may you be successful.