Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hi ! Frainds,
                  I am very sick. Pray for me so that I can meet all you very soon. Love you all.

Monday, November 15, 2010

pillow talk

once  I asked my husband "can you make me laugh on serious issue".he said try me
I asked him ,"how are you so sure  that you don't have AIDS"
he replied "hmmmmmmm.......mmmm......i have never given blood, ......i request others  for flying kisses and i had sex .. ....i had sex????...mmm...centuries back"
he teased me so to take my revenge i asked back "how you sure i don't have any"
he said "I think you are not so dumb to do without.. precautions"
that night i really laughed .

Sunday, November 7, 2010

jor ka jhatka hai jhoron se laga!!!!!!!

It all happened when my dear husband returned from his promotion party .He was very excited that he is now among the  top 2 offficial of the company and the boss Mr Y is completly  new ,so...he is """THE.."""".... ....he was flying high and then his phone rang .....jor ka jhatka hai joron se laga.............his..... ring tone.....which he has newly set to tease me.
hello  sir  i am X from your previous company .
sir i  was worker  on the machine 95
ya ...ya
sir how are you
fine ...(very proudly) is your factory ?
well  it is the same .workers are always  the same.promotions are for management emplyoee.
well ..ya so?how did....................(why did he call?how did he got my number?)
sorry sir if i offended you HAPPY DIWALI  .my kiddo  brother just got  job in your company .please take care him sir.
ok  ......HAPPY DIWALI.....hmm .nice ...very nice .what is his name ....(hmm new recruit and asking for favours .god ! worker 's brother  also need favors good)
sir Mr Y
the top most official MMMrY. .......(my BOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSS)
sir what !he is just a kiddo what he knows against your experience......blah  .....blah ....blah
(not heard a single word ......after....)

Monday, October 11, 2010



My friend

From the very small age we taught the lesion of loving and giving but very few believe in this and gems only do it.

It came to my mind only when I was teaching my students the chapter of moral science and insisted them for loving and giving .I asked one of my student about her aim .she replied “I want to be a Doctor”. then I started my philosophy of GIVING AND LOVING.

“beta when you come a Doctor please take care of poor patients .don’t charge them as many of them in India barely gets to eat .how will they buy medicines and how will they pay your fees .if I were a doctor I would have spare them of my fees learn to give others”

Suddenly I saw their eyes frowning at me .as if they were telling “are you teaching free?”

Are ghoda gass se dosti karega to khaye kya means if horse and grass are friends then what will he eat?

But it remained in my mind and I wanted to do some charity. I wanted to become a good person. So I started my being good journey.

I went to famous kali temple in Kolkata with some chillers {coins}.and after Prayer in temple I started distributing them among poor kids playing around .suddenly from no where there were hundreds of them running toward me and I was getting empty with coins .then I heard a voice among “hey these are 1 rupee coins only how cheap”

I was surprised and frightened and run from that place before they took any action against my charity .

So now I made my mind to begin charity at home

My old maid left and now I have new maid and new canvas for my ambitions to paint.

I gave my new maid her salary in advance.then

She asked me for more money for her expenses.then,

She asked me to lend her more money ,…………then

She asked for my old clothes ………………….then

She asked for my son’s old clothes ……………then

She asked for lunch………………………………then

She asked me for puja bonus………………….and now

She asking for salary increment ……………. All these in one month .

Yes, now joy of giving is faded away and now I thinking better plans to keep everything in place and stop her asking more before my husband find out my foolish deeds .may be I am not born for charity or I need a guidance .


I only love ,love and love but don’t try to give unless other person is in great need.

p.s : my experiences may be weirdo but I truly believe you all should give charity .may you be successful.

Monday, October 4, 2010


The abuse famous after RANG DE BASANTI...the meaning must be something very harsh ,painful and rude. And it is the most sorted abuse in net without any meaning written about it .I myself tried lot of times but failed to understand it until now

.yes now

Now I know the answer


Currently I am suffering from conjunctivitis and my eyes are swollen like hell and pain unbearable and my maid said “bhabby apko to aankh aye hai.” means on the grace of the goddess you have conjunctivitis .and THEN  she told my son"tere maa ki ankh aye hai" suddenly …hahaha… mind went lose and I decoded the abuse

.yes this must be answer .this is painful ,drastic and it really hurts .

So now onwards I at least know the meaning of “tere maa ki ankh “.unlike others who still are far away from conjunctivitis.

p.s: love you friends .pray for me ..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010



It is so shameful in India that people who swear to serve people decides to take revenge on them .

SSKM JUNIOR DOCTORS decided to oppose violence towards them done by the patient party by calling strike .hundreds of patients were deny of treatment and 2 patient died of negligence. those who had little money with them afforded nursing home and rest were abandoned by hospital authorities .hospital surrounding were full of confused patient who carried their patient from all over the state for better treatment.

It’s a SHAME for all doctors who stand there without helping the serious and dying patient.

I certainly understand their feel in that situation. the security does matter but not in exchange of pain and suffering .

Its A heinous act .

SHAME big SHAME for all those who claim to become doctors for serving people and then try to gain gains for their service.

We have watched GREY’S ANATOMY a serial where the doctors fight for ego ,pride and position on operating table ,making the life of patient’s life at risk and we have also watched parts where doctors have overlook the problems and caused death of the patient who was not at all serious .personally I do relate this serial with real life as I have lot of friends who are doctors and they do talk about their miss.SO we can not completely rule out the carelessness of the doctors ,and the people who losses a family and subjected to anger that is also very true .BUT TO TAKE REVENGE ON PEOPLE WHO COMPLETELY AND BLINDLY BELIVE ON IS INHUMAN.

THINK of BSF ,ARMY ,NAVY taking strike .what will happen.?????

Can god take revenge on us for our misbehave .NO


Please think your self as next to god and them behave what you feel GOD WOULD HAVE DONE TO YOU IF YOU WERE ON THAT SITUATION.

Its very easy to talk of change in society but if you are a big part of it its not talk but responsibility.

I believe few people have no right to take revenge.


P.S: thanks for the intervenes of the concern government who saved lot many lives by putting pressures on these doctors .FEEL LIFE TO SAVE ONE .

Thursday, September 23, 2010

One word

I just got this from jaggu's blog. and i have to do it I know

Rule - Answer should be only in ONE WORD.

1. Where is your cell phone? TABLE

2. Your hair? BLACK

3. Your mother? EXCELLENT

4. Your father? LOVABLE

5. Your favorite food? KABAB'S

6. Your dream last night?NICEEeeeeeeee.

7. Your favorite drink? COLD COFFEE

8. Your dream/goal? Being Human

9. Where are you? Home

10. Your hobby? MUSIC

11. Your fear? ALONE

12. Where do u want to be in 6 yrs? HEARTS

13. Where were you last night? Home

14. Something that you aren't? LIAR

15. Muffins? HOOCH!!!!!!

16. Wish list item? WINGS?????????

17. Where did you grow up? INDIAN

18. Last thing you did? DINNER

19. What are you wearing?  NIGHT GOWN

20. Your TV? 32"

21. Your pets?  never!!!!!

22. Friends? handfull

23. Your life? DRAMA!!!!!!!

24. Your mood? exotic

25. Missing someone? God?

26. Car? JEEP!!!!!

27. Something you're not wearing? lipstic

28. Your favorite store? INOX

29. Your favorite music? KENNY G .BREATHLESS

30. The last time you laughed? NOW

31. Last time you cried? WHEN?????

32. You hate? TEAR'S RE

33. One place that you go all the time? RESTURANTS

34. One person who emails you regularly? HUSBAND

35. My favorite place on earth? MOM'S HOUSE
HI  friends  i was hoping to tag my  friends ,but now i see  jaggu dear has already tagged lot of my friends so i am thinking........may be it is you now  please love it .coz  I LOVE YOU.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I am late but I am shopping so i am not sorry .Yes Durgapuja is near and I am shopping like any shoppoholic.It starts from bags itself to purse ,wallet,......jewellery.......puja dresses ,......cosmatics......,household things and............lots and lots of fun.
I once asked my husband "what kind of guy should a girl marry "
he replied "oh !whose wallet can support the bills of her wishes& demand  On the spot"
yes ,iam very much on the spot demanding one and i don't make budgets and limits  so  i guess ....i choose the right man.and now i am having fulltime support of his in shopping .

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Independence Day to you all.

Being born in a para military family this day is very special for me.The National flag,The parade ,The Anthem all ARISE a PATRIOTIC FEEL and this year after so many years i was lucky to celebrate it with my father and his force family.Here are few moments which I captured in my camera.
2nd pic:my father 2nd from right
love you all.

OOPS HOW can I forget the  REFRESHMENY


Tuesday, August 10, 2010



We Bengalis are very much involved with food and we so have lots of festivals revolving around food and food is the main ritual and food the menu and food the essential component

Last month we celebrated JAMAI SASTI .

In this puja we pray to goddess SASTI .all bridegrooms are invited to their in-laws house for the puja which is done by bride’s mother .JAMAI OR BRIDEGROOM carry gifts &sweets for his mother –in –law and she gives a GRAND LUNCH to FOOD &AND FOOOOOOOD .

I am giving my friends the glimpse of FOOOOOOOOOOOOD my mom cooked for my dear husband.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

skull injury .feelings continued-

Vishal –

Age – 10 yrs

Problem:repeats sentence again and again .

The wonder boy tells us that almighty has decided every bit of our life .

The well mannerd boy will greet you at the door and tell you all about admission ward . places we can find……special ward ,water ,….playground ……..he will surprise you with his brilliant talks that you will never believe that he is a patient of child psychology ward.but than you will notice a big cut mark in skull ,something similar to Amir Khan’s hair cut in the film “Ghajni”

Yes he is victim of fate .

Born in a good family .the parents had stored thousand of thoughts for him which were shattered on April 15th .the family had organized a puja at their village home whole of the village was on invite list and there was a big family get together that night .parents were busy in household works and the kids were playing ball .as it was getting dark out side the kids decided to play on roof where they had big lights .and then

fate twisted

it was 11 p.m at night to catch ball vishal slipped off the roof and fell straight to the ground .smashing his head to concrete floor.head badly injured ,skull broke into uncountable pieces ,and blood all around .the bang gave the mother a bit worry . she came out and saw her worst nightmare to come alive and was fainted on the spot .father took Vishal and his uncles carried the pieces of skull which were scattered all around and they rushed to the hospital .

It was tough to rearrange the broken pieces of skull but the doctors tried their best to fix him and pull him out of the jaws of death. but few pieces were not there so they put some synthetic material to fix it .since than the life of the kid and his aprentsa changed .The kid was studying in class 5when this accident happened now he cannot read without his mother help .his memory his thinking ,his temperament had affected the worse.

They stayed for 3 months on Bangalore and felt the same pain what angel’s mother has faced

“Discrimination on the basis of state and language .”

They sticked to the place because they were getting best treatment with low cost and best efficency of neurology department of Bangalore .the kid had improved a lot .

He wanted to play with other kids but because of his mind distraction they don’t let him play .if he sees any ball he jumps in excitement and urges to get it .but his mother had stopped buying balls for him . It is very hard to watch a mother denying ball to a kid who had got himself into all this trouble for a ball



p.s: the stories are real and names too .

love all .I love you.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Continue ………..

Parents of ANGEL

We were given very warm welcome in Bangalore and the people here are very nice but hospital N.I.M.HANS was bit rough to us .they were very casul in approach and THE senior most doctor Mr.sheshadri was splendid with this type of questions on first day “WHY IN THIS EARTH YOU HAVE COME TO BANGALORE ?DIDN’T YOU HAVE DOCTORS THERE IN YOUR STATE WHY OVER CROWDING HERE .THIS IS YOUR CHILD ?HE IS AUTISTIC .SEE?WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS VISIT ?WHAT DO YOU WANT?

And then to his fellow doctors”ADMIT HIM AND EDUCATE HIS PARENTS”



They admitted my son to child psychology deptt.

First day there was doctor who recorded history and said we train him in coming 3 weeks and then…

Next day no scene

Another next day and then 3 days passed away then a junior doctor came for whom we were not more than a project asked us to buy a book “ME “

Then again no scene no next 3 days and then there was senior doctors round where we not called then after 5 days our doctor asked “HAVE YOU READ THE BOOK ?TRY READING IT AND THEN I WILL EXPLAIN IN DETAIL”

Then again no scene for 3 days .untill then 10days were already passed withput any official help and we were getting more and more frustrated .we made our mind leaving that place and told office that we have booked flight tickets so we wanted to leave early . and they readily agreed. to my surprise they had nothing to offer me.i asked for a meeting with senior doctors which was arranged next dayas it was his round day

Next day

The hospital was cleaned properly and nurses were well dressed and area where we stayed was full of doctors and then ……


I said sir I m leaving this place soon .


“Sir my child has a sleeping problem “


??????????????????????????????????????????????THATS ALL????????

Next day a doctors came and gave me a paper …which reads ….


I WAS SHOCKED they were just worried about their project not my child’s sleep problem which fortunately was not so dangerous .

So over all this is my experience with NIMHANS doctors

p.s : all the views expressed are solely of a mother .blogger is just publishing them in this blog for your comments on this problem of society.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

As described earlier I wanted to share my experiences of N.I.M.H.A.N.S a reputed hospital of Bangalore for mental and handicapped but before I want you all to witness the state which we all name by names mental & handicap

Let us name this tour FEELINGS

p.s please let me know ur feelings .names are intact.


Age: 6 yrs

Problem: speech disorder

No birth problem

The cutest face in the area, this child parents belongs from a good academic back ground but both were unaware of this kind of problem .the child understands emotion but can’t express it ,he can identify known faces from crowd but can’t name them he can identify food names, animal names but doesn’t call his parents by names MOM &DAD.the child can be easily pass as a normal child and doesn’t show any symptom and also studies in home.


Remedy by doctors:special school

Mixing with other peer group.

Taking park

Problem faced: the child doesn’t calls MOM &DAD and this is the silent killer for the parents

The child is not admitted in any school as he can’t speak and no one is going to give extra attention in school .they just keep him for 1st semester take the money and expel him later .

Sarvo shiksha :they provide 1 teacher per week for this kind of children and rest of the week these children are left out and if the special teacher is absent then next week appointment.

Special school : no school does work on autistic children they are only taught to do their own work .maximum school work on deaf &blind ,M.R as they are easy to teach.

Society problem :people doen’t allow their small kids to play with them .they fright their child may learn misbehaviour from them.

People just have fun in discussing this problem

People discard these children and show fear maximum times and make the parents nervous

They are noticeable in parks ,metro stations schools and so easily avoided in that parts and other parents pull their children away from them.

What a mother need :acceptance from the society

School to be more friendly to themand not to discard them

Special school should experiment new provisions for those who are

Better than regular AUTISTIC child but less than M.R.

Some doctors who can help them not just give them books to read. And not treat them as new assignment

p.s: please feel and comment

next page will be about how badly or good they were treated in big hospitals and big schools.
pic here is not the kid

Monday, July 5, 2010

my camera

In this time of price hike
Food &Food all arround

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


thought &superstition

Monday, June 21, 2010


These are the pictures taken by my new camera.I wanted to share the picture quality with you and also the Biryani and the Chinese chicken are cooked by me .for recipes and invitations contact me …….

N.B:I love you

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Many of us are really worried about the stains we pick up daily.there are also so many ads on television of big brands  about their detergents,lemon mixed detergents ............
but very few of us know about this stain remover which can remove stains of mud, turmaric,coffee,tea grease,......and best part is that it can remove the stains of blood too.
this stain remover is none other than our beauty soap or  the bathing soap. it can be lux,fiama,.... yes in daily life we have many cuts and their pains and they some times not only  destroy our happines but sometimes our best clothes too so try it once and see the results  IT DOES WORKS.

Friday, May 7, 2010



Thursday, May 6, 2010

my journey to bangalore

Duranto Express
         semi rajdhani they call it and it doesnot look like same old trains .printed in green chits it runs really  fast.The train  a weekly train fridays 11:00am from howrah and sunday same time from b'lore .they just serve so nicely and with smile that you almost forget that u are not in rajdhani train. for breakfast they served us 2eggs with two slice of breads,butter sugar ,salt,pepper,biscuits,coffee,and smile.afternoon rice dal,egg,sabje,curd pickle,salt,then evening tea/coffee,then dinnersame as lunch. o.k I love food so food story is must.the train runs froms Howrah,Orissa,,Andhrapradesh,Tamilnadu and then Karnataka.the side scenes were wonderful some timesthere were forest of  mango trees , small hills and some times big water areas mend for fisheries surrounded by hills  all excellent..we reached bangalore at 5pm .we took a cab which cost us 400 Rs upto the hotel near by NIMHANS on the move to hotel.i saw open golf course in the middle of city,lalbag gate, musieum,lots of rush and stadium which was hosting match of Royal challengers bangalore and Mumbai indians at that time.and before we  reached  the stadium we heard of an accident where few people were dead in a blast of transformer  and that who were injured were under treatment in vijay mallya's hospital free of cost.
so my journey to nimhans just begun.

meet u soon with NIMHANS stories.I LoveYou.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


i am back from bangalore and will be sharing my experiences with you journey
..EXPERIENCES of common people visiting hospitals
and changes we can make
with love
I Love You.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Did I find my way back home??

Ok..ok.. now don’t give me that kind of look which reads *How come did ya find your way back to home young lady? Gosh!! We thought that you have lost your way while coming back from Pluto!!*

I know... I know I was away from my blog and all you lovely readers since long. And this is one thing that I hate to the core. Apart from losing all the lovely blog readers of mine I was also worried about the health of my cute fishes. :P Did you guys feed them if by any chance you happen to be here during my long absence??

So! How are you all?? Did you guys miss me?? Trust me I miss reading all your blogs as much as I miss writing on my blog. But my life here's kinda jinxed. First of all this stupid net connection of mine. It’s not working at all and that too since such a long time. It’s been ages that my net is not working but every time I make a complain they say the same thing “M'am! there’s no problem with the connection. It’s working absolutely fine.” Does that mean I find it amusing to call them up to complain? :/ Please give me a break!! let me tell you BSNL customer care sucks and so does the connection and seriously I have lot many better ways to amuse myself rather than calling you stupid bunch of people to make fake complains.

Now comes the issue about my health. God!! I have been keeping unwell for such a long time that even I have lost the track of it. When did I fall sick?... I don’t remember and when will I recover completely?... I simply don’t have the slightest of idea. And top of that all these check-ups, tests and medicines are making me more SICK!!!

But the good news is that I am going to Bangalore. Yip yip yippieeeee. Looking forward to spend some quality time there in with my family. The thought of *i do not have to suffer in this yucky Kolkata heat* is giving me a feeling of bliss even if my stay in Bangalore is meant for few days only. :D

I earnestly hope that once I am back I would be able to blog again. But guess what I simply have to disconnect my net connection if this problem persists. Oh! No! The thought itself is so scary. It’s like a punishment to be away from my blog. Even the yucky summer season in Kolkata is better than this horrible punishment.

So with my fingers crossed and on happy note I bid-adieu for now. I will be back soon.*Hopefully*

Till then do take care and keep spreading love and peace through your writings. And first thing first *Don't forget to feed my fishes!!!* :D

I love you all.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

growing up with me, me &me

Its Me , Me & Me

Its me at the age of 9 month ,on the day of my first meal,we call it “ annaprasan ”

it s me with my parents and the kid is the blogger “daydreamer” of “the lake of my dreams” sourish my kid brother.

we were on vacation to kanyakumari


it is my first passport size photo for class I , admission in school

teacher’s day in our school,


Participating in school drama

class XII

My last prize in school

Life in hostel-MUCwomens college burdwan

Sitting: moumita.sathi .me with our warden ( professor )

With my didibhai(grand mother –maternal)-and my soft toys (I made them)

My first date : with my husband

Day of my marriage: doing rituals-

Papa , aunty , me and my mom

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

 now i am tagged by my friend adreamygal and i am new in this tagging thingyso please  digest me

1.What is your current obsession ?

A song by  tailor swift "you belong to me"

2.What are you wearing today ?

night gown

3.Whats for dinner today ?

chicken curry and zeera rice .

4. Whats the last thing you have bought?
   lots and lots of medicines

5.What are you listening right now ?

must have been love by Roxane

6.What do you think about the person who tagged you ?

her blog looks good,she must be good at heart for sure ,ummm....she might be bubbly and happygoing, i like her that all.

7.If you could have a house totally paid for , fully furnished , anywhere in the world , where would you like to be ?

somewhere u find oak trees or near a friend who lives in chicagoand very shortly will open reaturant"""""freeeeeeee fooooood""""""yummy

8.What are your must have for summers ?

malmal  gowm ,powders  ,inverter and creams ,cold water.....u asked are?

9.If you could go anywhere in the world next hour , where would you go ?

on top of himalayas

10.Which language you want to learn ?

baby talk, language of love and peace ,chinese,french and .....all i can remember

11.Whats your favourite quote?

i love u ,coz lovers are rare these days

12.Whom do you want to meet right now ?

sourav ganguly .how he lost yesterday's match in IPL

13.What is your favourite colour ?

Red & Pink

14.Give us 3 styling tips that work for you ?

confidence ,eye liner and mascara

15.What is your dream job ?


16. What is your favourite Magazine ?

i don't read them much but keep them for pictures.... lol

17.If you had $100 right now , what would you spend on ?

kuch ayega hi nahi jo mujhe chahiye......thinking !

18.What do you consider fashion faux pas ?


19.Who according to you is the most over - rated style icon ?

Akshay kumar!

20.What kind of haircut you prefer ?

that suits ur personality and u can carry too.

21.What are you going to do after this ?

Have loadsa work..gotta finsih that all :)

22.What are your favourite movies ?

twilight ,met joe black ,forest gump......

23.What inspires you ?

evry thing  that is beautifull and pershable

24.What do your friends call you mostly ?

trouble shooter and consultant and of couse ' suchu '

25.Would you prefer tea or coffee ?

At home tea , outside its coffee :)

26.What do you when you are feeling terribly low or depressed ?

listen music and eat more

27.What makes you go wild ?

When i catch a lie

28.Which other blogs you love visiting ?

I love to visit every blog , though I may follow or not / comment or not ..I love to read various thoughts...So I love every blog...

29.Favourite dessert /sweet ?

vanial icecream  or .......gulab jamun

30.Favourite season ?

Spring - everything is so pleasant and cheerful :)

31.How many tabs are turned on your browser right now ?


32.If I come to your house right now , what would you cook for me ?

Biryani and mutton thats i m good at .and all u ll ask  "athiti devo bavo"

33.What is the right way to avoid people who purposefully hurt you?

don't talk give them space to think why u avoiding.

34.What are you afraid of the most ?

Being alone (in life ) !!!

35.When you looked in the mirror today , what was your first thought ?

"Iam so beautiful ..oh there is some fat in tummy i must lose them for sure "this is the same thought before gainning 30kgs and after that.

36.What brings a smile on your face instantly ?

baby smiling and gigling.

37.A word that you say a lot ?

hey bagwan! main kya karon.

38.What was last time you did something nice ?


39.What would you do if you were made as President for one day ?

In such a short time i couldn't change any thing so ill try to take all the bribes for fututre works to be made.

40.Do you know who Master Shifu is ?

Someone in VH1of from japan

Here are the list of people whom I want to continue this tagging thingy , though no compulsion enforced :)

sorry friend i couldn't find others please understand and i love you

Sunday, March 14, 2010

..........IS MY FIRST LOVE

ONCE my husband asked me if he is the person I was looking for?

I told him ” I wanted to marry an engineer, who would be tall, fair, handsome with spectacles “

He laughed at me “why the hell you wanted to marry a person with defected eye ?”and he made me thinkthat their was some one in my life who had the same features and I must have fell in love with him

. love with my subconscious mind . we didn’t touch or kiss and spent just few minutes sitting side by side in school bench but may be l the emotion was too strong for me that whenever I think of a perfect guy I still see him

…LOVE is complicated…..

I do love my husband and he is the first person I care so much and gave my virginity and he is the person I think of when I am in pain .

The theory that::: a girl never forgets her first love ::: doesn’t clear the term


• Physical love or

• Subconscious mind love

So at the age of 90 I am not sure whom I gonna remember as my first love

I am still confused “ WHO IS MY FIRST LOVE? ”

Friday, March 12, 2010

trying again

its long..... I haven't written anything though I wanted to .I celebrated Holi , viewed movie The new moon the sequel of twilight ,recieved mail from my  special friend ,awarded on a blog  by one of my friend  taken tet vac. for my fingure cut and felt pain for two days and then few days after done blood test twice ,chest X-ray and urine test and still not well so this time is not working out for me now a days but it  will  I know and good thing is that my MOM is  staying with me now and I am getting lots of love from my family

N.B:sorry for not visiting all my friends blog and missed their wonderful thoughtsbut i will coz
                      I  Love You

Saturday, February 27, 2010

let this HOLI brings colours of joy in life
         HAPPY   HOLI