Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Independence Day to you all.

Being born in a para military family this day is very special for me.The National flag,The parade ,The Anthem all ARISE a PATRIOTIC FEEL and this year after so many years i was lucky to celebrate it with my father and his force family.Here are few moments which I captured in my camera.
2nd pic:my father 2nd from right
love you all.

OOPS HOW can I forget the  REFRESHMENY


Tuesday, August 10, 2010



We Bengalis are very much involved with food and we so have lots of festivals revolving around food and food is the main ritual and food the menu and food the essential component

Last month we celebrated JAMAI SASTI .

In this puja we pray to goddess SASTI .all bridegrooms are invited to their in-laws house for the puja which is done by bride’s mother .JAMAI OR BRIDEGROOM carry gifts &sweets for his mother –in –law and she gives a GRAND LUNCH to FOOD &AND FOOOOOOOD .

I am giving my friends the glimpse of FOOOOOOOOOOOOD my mom cooked for my dear husband.