Thursday, March 18, 2010

growing up with me, me &me

Its Me , Me & Me

Its me at the age of 9 month ,on the day of my first meal,we call it “ annaprasan ”

it s me with my parents and the kid is the blogger “daydreamer” of “the lake of my dreams” sourish my kid brother.

we were on vacation to kanyakumari


it is my first passport size photo for class I , admission in school

teacher’s day in our school,


Participating in school drama

class XII

My last prize in school

Life in hostel-MUCwomens college burdwan

Sitting: moumita.sathi .me with our warden ( professor )

With my didibhai(grand mother –maternal)-and my soft toys (I made them)

My first date : with my husband

Day of my marriage: doing rituals-

Papa , aunty , me and my mom

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

 now i am tagged by my friend adreamygal and i am new in this tagging thingyso please  digest me

1.What is your current obsession ?

A song by  tailor swift "you belong to me"

2.What are you wearing today ?

night gown

3.Whats for dinner today ?

chicken curry and zeera rice .

4. Whats the last thing you have bought?
   lots and lots of medicines

5.What are you listening right now ?

must have been love by Roxane

6.What do you think about the person who tagged you ?

her blog looks good,she must be good at heart for sure ,ummm....she might be bubbly and happygoing, i like her that all.

7.If you could have a house totally paid for , fully furnished , anywhere in the world , where would you like to be ?

somewhere u find oak trees or near a friend who lives in chicagoand very shortly will open reaturant"""""freeeeeeee fooooood""""""yummy

8.What are your must have for summers ?

malmal  gowm ,powders  ,inverter and creams ,cold water.....u asked are?

9.If you could go anywhere in the world next hour , where would you go ?

on top of himalayas

10.Which language you want to learn ?

baby talk, language of love and peace ,chinese,french and .....all i can remember

11.Whats your favourite quote?

i love u ,coz lovers are rare these days

12.Whom do you want to meet right now ?

sourav ganguly .how he lost yesterday's match in IPL

13.What is your favourite colour ?

Red & Pink

14.Give us 3 styling tips that work for you ?

confidence ,eye liner and mascara

15.What is your dream job ?


16. What is your favourite Magazine ?

i don't read them much but keep them for pictures.... lol

17.If you had $100 right now , what would you spend on ?

kuch ayega hi nahi jo mujhe chahiye......thinking !

18.What do you consider fashion faux pas ?


19.Who according to you is the most over - rated style icon ?

Akshay kumar!

20.What kind of haircut you prefer ?

that suits ur personality and u can carry too.

21.What are you going to do after this ?

Have loadsa work..gotta finsih that all :)

22.What are your favourite movies ?

twilight ,met joe black ,forest gump......

23.What inspires you ?

evry thing  that is beautifull and pershable

24.What do your friends call you mostly ?

trouble shooter and consultant and of couse ' suchu '

25.Would you prefer tea or coffee ?

At home tea , outside its coffee :)

26.What do you when you are feeling terribly low or depressed ?

listen music and eat more

27.What makes you go wild ?

When i catch a lie

28.Which other blogs you love visiting ?

I love to visit every blog , though I may follow or not / comment or not ..I love to read various thoughts...So I love every blog...

29.Favourite dessert /sweet ?

vanial icecream  or .......gulab jamun

30.Favourite season ?

Spring - everything is so pleasant and cheerful :)

31.How many tabs are turned on your browser right now ?


32.If I come to your house right now , what would you cook for me ?

Biryani and mutton thats i m good at .and all u ll ask  "athiti devo bavo"

33.What is the right way to avoid people who purposefully hurt you?

don't talk give them space to think why u avoiding.

34.What are you afraid of the most ?

Being alone (in life ) !!!

35.When you looked in the mirror today , what was your first thought ?

"Iam so beautiful ..oh there is some fat in tummy i must lose them for sure "this is the same thought before gainning 30kgs and after that.

36.What brings a smile on your face instantly ?

baby smiling and gigling.

37.A word that you say a lot ?

hey bagwan! main kya karon.

38.What was last time you did something nice ?


39.What would you do if you were made as President for one day ?

In such a short time i couldn't change any thing so ill try to take all the bribes for fututre works to be made.

40.Do you know who Master Shifu is ?

Someone in VH1of from japan

Here are the list of people whom I want to continue this tagging thingy , though no compulsion enforced :)

sorry friend i couldn't find others please understand and i love you

Sunday, March 14, 2010

..........IS MY FIRST LOVE

ONCE my husband asked me if he is the person I was looking for?

I told him ” I wanted to marry an engineer, who would be tall, fair, handsome with spectacles “

He laughed at me “why the hell you wanted to marry a person with defected eye ?”and he made me thinkthat their was some one in my life who had the same features and I must have fell in love with him

. love with my subconscious mind . we didn’t touch or kiss and spent just few minutes sitting side by side in school bench but may be l the emotion was too strong for me that whenever I think of a perfect guy I still see him

…LOVE is complicated…..

I do love my husband and he is the first person I care so much and gave my virginity and he is the person I think of when I am in pain .

The theory that::: a girl never forgets her first love ::: doesn’t clear the term


• Physical love or

• Subconscious mind love

So at the age of 90 I am not sure whom I gonna remember as my first love

I am still confused “ WHO IS MY FIRST LOVE? ”

Friday, March 12, 2010

trying again

its long..... I haven't written anything though I wanted to .I celebrated Holi , viewed movie The new moon the sequel of twilight ,recieved mail from my  special friend ,awarded on a blog  by one of my friend  taken tet vac. for my fingure cut and felt pain for two days and then few days after done blood test twice ,chest X-ray and urine test and still not well so this time is not working out for me now a days but it  will  I know and good thing is that my MOM is  staying with me now and I am getting lots of love from my family

N.B:sorry for not visiting all my friends blog and missed their wonderful thoughtsbut i will coz
                      I  Love You