Saturday, January 30, 2010

I am watching TWILIGHT   now a days
Its the 5 th time  I am watching it and still can’t take my eyes off.
 I wonder if it is , the hero of the movie,  his passion , his eyes  the way he tells “window” the  cute smile of his  red lips or the amazing dialogues of the movie “lion felt in love with a lamb””what a stupid lamb” the passion of the two hearts …… oh! I am loving it .
Through out the  movie  I kept  longing oh! if I were a vampire ! I could fly , save people and have an immortal life, but then at the end of the movie there was a cute dialogue “is that  was your  dream about to become a monster”
 I came back  to life.
 You don’t have to be  vampire to do good work its we can do it now also .
Immortal is nothing if you don’t live in the hearts of people .

n.b –  see it , and tell if u  like it too or no and  I am eager to watch new moon its sequel as soon as I am finished with twilight obsession.
I love you.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


pic:1-age-6months on his annaprashan(first rice meal),

pic:2-age-18months with his birth hair

pic:3-age3yrs- his first fancy dress(dressed like lord krishna)

pic:4-age 2.6yrs shaved hair

pic:5- age- 5 my sweet heart

Monday, January 25, 2010


Saturday, January 23, 2010

wow! these Chinese people . why they are so good at what ever they do?THINK

EVEN the hackers too!

They breached our security system &
now they cracked the military files oh my god!How?  THINK

What books they study????

We have billions of dollars rolling in our education system.BUT they have every solutions before we think of the  problem.

They made every utilities so cheap and ready to go ,How? THINK  cameras to christmas trees

They hacked our system ,then how secure is our security system ? THINK

We have the greatest markets , malls,super malls but MAXIMUM  filled with Chinese products,why ? THINK

We are the second largest population of the world ,BUT maximum number of  medals of olympics are taken either by China or USA? THINK

All the maintenance of  Road works,Rail works,Pipelines,Electricity  Files, Court cases..... are Pending or unfinished .Causes shown are less man power ! why? THINK
They show us there importance in our life and where we fail .why ?THINK
 When will we understand ---our Own needs,Educational values,Poverty problems, Unemployment, Strength of our population and our drawbacks.
                                Please let our system to
TEACH us to get sucess from our faults,failures& drawbacks

TEACH us what we can use in life,TEACH us that our population  is our strength as they showed us in Olympics.

TEACH us to THINK  like an INDIAN not as Bengali,Marathi,Bihari………

Saturday, January 16, 2010

To you with love

wow !
This is my new template.
Oh I loved it coz its is great & and  gifted to me by my sweet friend.
This post is dedicated to her.
And all my friends out there who had given me something or other but I couldn't thank them.
Old lady(met at nandan kannan): I was thirsty up to the mark of seeing mirage and no water there , It was starting of hot  summer and  I was tired and then she came out of nowhere and gave me her only bottle of water (half filled).Not thinking of much I drank the whole water. OH!she gave me life
but I couldn't thank her coz she gave me an angry ,frown look and it was best time for apology not for  thanking
Sudeep mukerjee(school friend): He always dropped me home after tutions  late evenings and made my physics project of 12th board.TOO
but I couldn't thank him coz what he did for me was beyond thanking.
Raju(maths honours student Raj college):On the way to my home from hostel I met an accident.there were cuts and bruises all over my body.My knee was bleeding .I had a sprain in my right leg  and was crying too Oh it was hell .He saw me in that condition at station and rushed to me He nursed me.He managed to get a piece of ice from somewhere and held it to my leg for hours and did managed to lessen my pain.what he did to me that day is non payable, still I thought to thank him.
but I couldn't coz after few days when I was going to thank him I just came to know that he was going to propose me for love .So.....I decided not to talk to him further.....ever.(a big repay  he was asking& I was not going to GIVE HIM  that,  and my MOM would kill me  if i ever fell in LOVE ever)
Khokan(after posting of my father  our home phone was disconnected all our calls  came to his land line): Oh I was engaged to my husband and he used to call me  before my marriage.Khokan would call me any time my husband called  inspite of all refusal I made to his proposal of love .Now I think how hard must be for him to do that.
but I couldn't thank him coz I never realized his pain.thanx to him now.
there are endless lists whom I want to thank but couldn't.........some reasons or other. next time I' ll try to thank them personally.May god bless me for courage.
N.B:Better late than never .It feels great to thank somebody for his/her work So thank them now coz u might not meet him/her  ever.
The world is big and life is too small 
I Love you

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The bong connection

Being Bengali means that I automatically possess Beauty Wit and a stage with hot Bipasha Basu .AND offcourse obsession.....for ..language ,culture , tour maniac and big F factors oh.. food, fish ,feast, fun,football(though most of our players in our teams are imported from outside India and we spent whole day watching IPL DLF ODIs...... so what ?...obsession right?)
oh Being Bengali I own a vast culture, sometimes so vast that ours kids forget whose book is what..maximum times we don't score good in our mother tongue language exams what ....we love our culture and we love to culture thats why we have ALL those coffee houses, clubs ,and THEKS(guys sit idle ) where every war is fought and won(through peace talks )we solve every problem from global warming to LOC problems... price hike to hijacks.....through discussion.. .... only remains unnoticed
language: oh we bengali people love to speak all languages ,only that we speak every language in BANGLA(bengali).we will say OISHORJO to AISHWARYA ,OKHOY to AKSHAY,JADAB to YADAV BHANGORE to BANGUR BHICTORIA to VICTORIA its not that we don't know its we don't want to change.Though world has reach to mars,we still are sitting on heap of old achievements.That doesn't mean that we don't explore oh we explore the world through their FOOD. food food &food we love food from dosa idli to ...tandoories.....gujrati veg food to muttons we never say noHERE we show some secularism it does't matter whether the meat is from HALLAL or JHATKA its meat that matters .we celebrate every festival as long as it is associated with food ID, CHRISTMAS ,DIWALI ,RAKHI.Fish?.... we love fish when every one is thinking how to feed fish.... we are thinking how to eat that fish.cooked or dry(sutki) it goes both ways.we love tour fun & feast oh ..they are associated with food.where ever you go you'll meet a Bengali family touring.and one thing WE HAVE don't let it go attitude if 50 p pending in a store we'll spend Rs20 to get it, next time.oh we are great .Thats the reason West Bengal have maximum number of Non-Bengalies residing with us, love us want to be one of us (without force).LOTS MORE........

N.B.No intention to hurt any of Bengali feelings. All feelings are solely mine. If you don't share any of this feeling you might be N.R.I.b(Non Residing in BENGAL) and I Love You.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tragic death of a brave cop R.Vetrival

WHOLE OF INDIA is shocked as we watched  sub inspector R.Vetrival die on road crying in pain but not losing hope of survival from those who just allowed him to bleed to death.It is not only sad,provoking and shameful to us it makes us to think twice what the world we are living in.he was the pilot of their cars,it could be them instead ,why so merciless?.
"He was bombed. we could not think. The reaction all came late". comments by people present there on CRIME scene .sir with regards THINK if all the reaction of B.S.F,N.S.G, NAVY, AIR FORCE,comes LATE.
a cop gives all his life protecting his country,country's heritage,people,politicians,they must be shown some respect.i have witnessed cop getting sacked for smallest of their mistakes,telling them "if you! do this what about the people you guard".what about our leaders,whom we elected (by the people ,for the people ...)do they owe some explanation to the people.what about the others who just shot the moving pictures without helping him even a hardcore criminal gets his last wish fulfilled.Vetrival was a soldier of this country gave life  serving his country. what do our leaders teach us ? what would they teach their sons ?SIR  CAN YOU FACE THE PEOPLE ELECTED YOU    YOUR FAMILY WHILE DINNING .
 N.B:comment if my emotion were too strong. Take care,Love all.I  Love you

Thursday, January 7, 2010

First gift of love

Todays  world has a motto ...move ..on...but  when I was a  teen.Love was all arround .Movies: love love love, I love you, was in air and there were guys,friends,bhaiyas(neighbour of course )bhaiyas's bhaiyas, uncle, uncles'uncles their friends so on ..................ready to love you.THanks to my mother's security system thy never succeeded .BUT I kept longing for a lover ,who will jump,dance ,sing and most importantly  give me GIFTS..... CARDS..... FLOWERS........BIG when my mom arranged  my First date  with my  Would be  husband I was excited with full of expectations......AND....
JAB WE MET.............
He was smart , smiling and ......empty handed .NO... NO.. NOobody comes empty handed !!!!!! I did't lose  my hope. we  sat talked and then it happened.. he told me "I  have brought you a gift..... a small one" my heart start pounding .he stood up and put his hands in pockets .I...I....I...I..start guessing   ...a pendent ,...a necklace,.....oh no ...a ring...yes.....yes ....""ECLAIRS""..# # #  WHAT?????  "I learned from my friend that women love chocolates so ..."
he had brought  me 4 eclairs  as my mom has told him of my diet .and every time he offered me one  my heart  shouted.....errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........................
BUT he is my gift of love .#######
so *
moral:  Never ever go to your first date  with your  would be he will store every thing  for his honeymoon . you 'll  end  e m p i t y    empty handed.
 I love you

Monday, January 4, 2010

MY New year blast


Every single person I know started their new year by holding their cellphone close to their mouth,hand,ear,eyes,.......except for me who just lost her charging cord.
lost in jealousy,I countered the whole day making faces and end up with a bang

we the women can do every thing but never stop spying on our husbands phone.......and term it legal too......
THis is the best time.

so I was on mission '''''''''then'''''''.

i found a message saying ''........IF YOU ARE MISSING ANYTHING IN THIS NEW YEAR IT WILL BE ME...........'' no name only number .
bas phir kya tha aao dekha na tao I called . ring ....ring.....oh male voice I disconnected it. I again called this time Iasked the name but the other person refused to say and the I said'''''I recieved sms from your phone if it continued I' ll call police. the person seemed cooled replied o.k.''''''''
........t......i.....m.....e ........went out suddenly the voice of cell seemed to be familiar.then i searchedmy diary ...this phone belong to my students father's .she must have send me new year wishes. then I callled 10 to 20 times but HE won't pick my phone later with the involvement of my husband i could ask for forgiveness.

moral;;;;;;;Always save the name of you known friends OR....
N.B. love all,send every single person you know the new year wish cause she/he may be waiting for you wish.I LOVE YOU

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Wishing you and your family

a very warm & prosperous

new year.