Monday, October 11, 2010



My friend

From the very small age we taught the lesion of loving and giving but very few believe in this and gems only do it.

It came to my mind only when I was teaching my students the chapter of moral science and insisted them for loving and giving .I asked one of my student about her aim .she replied “I want to be a Doctor”. then I started my philosophy of GIVING AND LOVING.

“beta when you come a Doctor please take care of poor patients .don’t charge them as many of them in India barely gets to eat .how will they buy medicines and how will they pay your fees .if I were a doctor I would have spare them of my fees learn to give others”

Suddenly I saw their eyes frowning at me .as if they were telling “are you teaching free?”

Are ghoda gass se dosti karega to khaye kya means if horse and grass are friends then what will he eat?

But it remained in my mind and I wanted to do some charity. I wanted to become a good person. So I started my being good journey.

I went to famous kali temple in Kolkata with some chillers {coins}.and after Prayer in temple I started distributing them among poor kids playing around .suddenly from no where there were hundreds of them running toward me and I was getting empty with coins .then I heard a voice among “hey these are 1 rupee coins only how cheap”

I was surprised and frightened and run from that place before they took any action against my charity .

So now I made my mind to begin charity at home

My old maid left and now I have new maid and new canvas for my ambitions to paint.

I gave my new maid her salary in advance.then

She asked me for more money for her expenses.then,

She asked me to lend her more money ,…………then

She asked for my old clothes ………………….then

She asked for my son’s old clothes ……………then

She asked for lunch………………………………then

She asked me for puja bonus………………….and now

She asking for salary increment ……………. All these in one month .

Yes, now joy of giving is faded away and now I thinking better plans to keep everything in place and stop her asking more before my husband find out my foolish deeds .may be I am not born for charity or I need a guidance .


I only love ,love and love but don’t try to give unless other person is in great need.

p.s : my experiences may be weirdo but I truly believe you all should give charity .may you be successful.


♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

hehehhee begins at home... bhia ko diya kar paise :D
nice and refreshing read.. :D

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

aur kalighat mein gayi thi toh kochudi khaya ????

KParthasarathi said...

Nice to note that this post is dedicated to our famous blogger friend Anupama.There is a proverb in Tamil that charity should be done knowing the suitability of the receiver.A nice post humourously written said...

May be because all ur acts of charity were linked with money the receiving party became greedy.
Anyway you have shared nice and innocent thoughts here.

Amit Koushik said...

Nicely written...keep it up!!