Monday, February 13, 2012

The interesting thing about sadness is that the ending is always humorous. You are sad, very very sad and you want to run, shout and cry. You need a shoulder to hold you and friends, and family are always with you in this time .you start telling them your story. One by one you speak your heart out and the more you have friends the more you speak and you speak ,speak and speak then at some point of time you actually feel that you are no longer sharing your grieves but Gossiping.
All your sorrows are gone but you can’t stop r because few friends are late as ever. they are the most success full ones who were very busy and you can’t stop bleeding as their ointment have not reached you yet. so you start once again …until now your friends, relatives ,neighbors  have piled handkerchiefs in front of you and suddenly you start noticing few of them are perfumed . Now you are more alarmed and concerned about THE HANKIES and SPECIALLY T the  perfumed hankies .your sadness has gone into the closet and you are more worried .
Now you are addicted to its pleasure .you are famous. Your sad story is a hit and it’s giving you all the attention you needed but  you want to quit .QUIT ?how  the people around you won’t let you close their new entertainment channel .the updates are more fascinating than any other reality show  .
the moment you want to change the topic you hear  -“ very good your coped with your sorrows so quick’ Q U I C K .and you start thinking am I hasting things much. Maybe I should remain in sorrow for few more days .may be …..And the scenario goes on and on and now your position is pathetic, foolish HUMOROUS but not SAD                   

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